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Best Wine Cooler Buying Guide

Wine coolers are not exclusive to sommeliers. If you consider yourself a wine enthusiast or even a casual wine drinker, a wine refrigerator may be the investment you never knew you needed. A wine cooler, otherwise known as wine fridge, wine chiller, or wine vault, is an appliance essential for keeping your wines fresh, and crisp. This is achieved by storing your wine at the optimal temperature, which ensures correct aging and accurate flavor profiles.

Whether you are ready to host a raging party or have a casual night in, wine coolers are the perfect home addition. Here are a few things to keep in mind while you search for yours.

Benefits of Wine Coolers

Wine coolers keep your bottles at the perfect temperature for tasting or serving. The old rule of thumb when it comes to the serving wine is If it’s red, keep it in the refrigerator for 10 to 15 minutes before serving; and If it’s white, remove it from the fridge 10 to 15 minutes before serving.

With a wine cooler, you never have to go out of your way to pop your wine in the refrigerator in advance or quickly attempt to chill the bottle again.


  • Chill your wine at the perfect temperature

Believe it or not, wine can be sensitive to temperature changes. Depending on where you live and the temperature of your home, your wine is at risk of losing its integrity. Having a wine cooler will keep your wines fresh and well maintained for a longer duration of time without you having to play guessing games.

  • Save money and say yes to buying in bulk

You will never have to pass up a deal again. Whether you are part of a wine club or browsing your favorite store, you can say yes to buying wine in large quantities. For wine lovers who keep multiple bottles on hand, buying a dozen or a case at a time can mean big savings in the long term.

  • Meets storage needs

Say goodbye to a crowded refrigerator. Not only do wine coolers prevent a crowded kitchen by providing storage, but they also age your wine. Whether you are storing your wine for less than 6 months or over a year, your wine will be maintained to a great condition and chill so that you are able to enjoy it at the perfect temperature.

  • Turn your casual interest into a hobby

Missing opportunities suck, especially when it comes to a great wine. You can release your FOMO because with the right wine cooler, you never have to pass on an opportunity to buy a great bottle again. No more worrying about having a lack of space or not being prepared when you have unexpected guests come over. Buying a wine fridge is one of the first steps to becoming a collector of fine wines.

  • Store more than wine.

Yes, you read that correctly. A wine cooler can also store beverages, oils and vinegars that cannot fit into your fridge. Some wine coolers are specially made for both wine and other drinks like soda, which can be classified as a beverage center.

Types of Wine Coolers

There are various wine coolers available on the market. To figure out which types of wine cooler to consider, lets answer a few questions:

vineyards coolers dual zone wine cooler

What is the difference between single zone, dual zone and three zone?

A single-zone wine cooler only has one zone of temperature control. Meaning the entire unit is chilled at the same temperature. A dual-zone wine cooler is equipped with two spaces that have independent temperature-control. This means you can store both your red and white wines in the same unit, at their ideal serving temperature. Dual-zone wine coolers have gained popularity for storing and aging wine simultaneously. Wine collectors can use one part of the fridge for serving, and the other for long-term storage. Three zone coolers have three spacious sections typically two for wine and one for beverages, each one equipped with an adjustable temperature range.

Wine lovers that exclusively drink red or white wines should have no issue going with a single zone wine cooler, but for the many wine lovers that appreciate both, a dual zone wine fridge allows you to store both types of wine at the ideal temperature.

 Why should wine be stored at different temperatures?

vineyards coolers wine storage temperature

Most wine connoisseurs prefer drinking white wines chilled and red wines closer to room temperature. The ideal temperature for drinking each type of wine differs, which is why it is important to choose a wine cooler that meets your unique needs.

What's the difference between a thermoelectric wine cooler and compressor model?

Compressor wine coolers use the same technology that traditional refrigerators do, so a similar humming sound can be expected. Aside from that, compressor wine coolers are built with sensors. With an increase in temperature, the sensors turn on to cool down the cooler which creates the “ideal temperature” that can guarantee fresh wine. These models are extremely popular.

The biggest selling point for thermoelectric wine coolers is that they’re quiet. Thermoelectric models also use less electricity than compressor coolers. But there’s a trade off: thermoelectric wine coolers lack compressors. These wine coolers can’t get as cold as compressors so they cannot be used in warm temperatures (homes that get very hot), or they will heat up.

 This choice really comes down to your unique needs. A thermoelectric wine cooler makes the most sense if:

  • You are sensitive to noises and sounds of your appliances.
  • Saving energy/being eco-friendly is important to you.
  • A relatively small wine cooler will satisfy you.
  • Your home stays at a pretty consistent temperature.

A compressor wine cooler makes the most sense if:

  • Mild noise does not bother you.
  • A high-capacity model is what you’re looking for.
  • Your home temperature is inconsistent.

 Should I get a built-in wine cooler or freestanding?

vineyards coolers built in freestanding wine fridge

Freestanding wine coolers are among the most popular types. A freestanding wine cooler typically makes the most sense for consumers who are not in the process of building a home or going through a remodel. These wine coolers can be placed anywhere where there’s space and an outlet without worrying about installation.

Built-in wine coolers need to be professionally installed. These coolers are installed into a designated area, so it does not require extra floor or counter space. This is ideal for homeowners that appreciate a seamless look.

Due to its design, built-in wine coolers tend to be more expensive compared to the other wine coolers on the market. Since built- in models must fit perfectly into their designated space, you will be limited in the size you can choose. You also must make sure to purchase a wine cooler that is specifically designed to be built in. Installing a freestanding wine cooler into the space for a built-in one, will cause overheating.

 In Conclusion

If you love wine, you can’t go wrong with owning a wine cooler of your own. Regardless of if you wine occasionally or host frequently, having your wine readily accessible and chilled at the perfect temperature will always pay off. Come and shop for your new wine cooler today, with us. There are many different styles and options of wine coolers, so you're sure to find something that meets your needs. If you're looking for a great wine cooler, don't hesitate to purchase yours now, We offer a new customer discount which will expire tonight. Visit out product page for more details. You can call support at (800) 940-8935 or send an email to for more information.

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